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(a)       Education Scholarship            


Click here to read SOP

(i) Grants for  2013-2014 Rs 6,80,000/-
(ii) Eligibility: Children of Bombay Sappers.
(iii) Minimum Percentage (Marks)
-JCO's Children       81% or A2
-OR's Children        71% or B1
(iv) During year 2013-2014, Rs. 6,29,600/- were given to 623 Children of 121 JCO and 502 OR
(b)      Sports Scholarship   Click here to read SOP
      (i)        Sports Scholarship of Rs 75,000/- was given to three children.  
(c)       Distress Grant Click here to read SOP
  (i)   Total distress grant given during 2013-2014 Rs 2,25,000/-              
(d)      Financial Assistance for Higher Education   Click Here for SOP
  Rs. 2,02,000/- have been distributed to 10 children against ’Grant against Loan for Higher Edn’ during year 2013-2014.
(e)     Education Grant to the Children of Widows of Bombay Sappers Click Here for reviseed SOP

During financial year 2013-2014, 383 children of 243 widows were given Rs 14,22,760/-.

(f)  Financial assist for Paraplegic person

Rs.2,20,000/- have been given to 18 paraplegic persons as ‘one time grants’.

(g)   Immediate Relief
    Rs.3,45,000/- have been given to 38 widows whose husbands expired during year 2013-2014
(h)   Grant for Daughter’s Marriage
     Rs. 40,000/- have been given to four widows for their daughters marriage
(J)     Grant for Professional Courses                                                                     Click Here for SOP    
    The present scheme of GALHE (Grant against Loan for Higher Education), which was linked with education loan, is being terminated. A new scheme i.e Grant for Professional Courses is being implemented wef FY 2016-17. The new scheme has been de-linked from education loan and the amount of grants to be given have been enhanced.