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Bombay Sappers Association 





The Bombay Sappers Association was established in May 99 on  obtaining approval in principle accorded by the Govt of India vide their letter No 12326/CC/ BSA/ 183/ 99/ D(AG) dated 14 Jan 99. The Association was registered under the Indian Societies Act 1860 on 22 May 99. The inception of the Association was conceived by then Col Comdt, The Bombay Sappers, Lt Gen A K Puri, PVSM,AVSM, (Retd). This is a unique Association of members drawn from Bombay Sappers serving and retired officers, JCOs and Other Ranks which is not so with other Army Associations.

The Association is over four years old and in this period has grown to <%=RS("total")%> members (Offrs <%=RS("Offrs")%>, JCOs <%=RS("JCO")%> and ORs <%=RS("OR")%>). The office of the Association has been established at BEG & Centre, Kirkee.  Subsequently, as the membership increases, it is planned to open Chapters of the Association at other places such as Chandigargh, Amritsar etc. 

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The affairs of the Association will be overseen by a Management Committee which will be nominated/elected as per the Rules & Regulations  of the Association given out in the Memorandum  of Association. A General Body Meeting will be held on Annual basis at BEG & Centre, Kirkee,in Jan/Feb each year, to coincide with VC/Group Day celebrations. Besides the GBM, the Management Committee will meet once a quarter to oversee/review the activities of the Association. The BSA will be governed by the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations as approved under the Societies Act 1980. The General Body Meeting (GBM) shall be sole & final authority for all purposes of the BSA and for making any changes or alterations in or amendment to the memorandum of BSA.