Bombay Sappers Association



Planned Activities

  To meet the aims and objectives of the Bombay Sappers Association, following activities have been planned.

Phase I
Automation of BSA office including opening of Web Site. This has since been completed. All the records of members are on computer. The web site of the BSA was launched by the erstwhile Vice-Chairman & Commandant BEG & Centre Brig Vijay Aga on 10 Apr 2001. Various details are available on this site. Members can reach/interact with  BSA through our E-Mail address 

Regular News letter giving latest information is being posted on website.

Education & Sports Scholarships.  These were introduced in the year 2001 and are given every year. It has been planned to continue with these schemes based on the feedback received from the members. For Details Click here

Guidance on Re-settlement. It is provided through the Station Placement Node kirkee which function alongside the BSA office.

Issue of Membership cards to BSA Members and mementos to members at the time of retirement.  Life membership cards are being issued to all members who have submitted the membership application from along with two stamp size (2.5X2 CM) photograph to BSA Office. BSA memento is given to all retiring members. To download the membership form please Click Here
Phase II
Distress relief Caters for relief to PBOR suffering due to natural or man-made calamities.  It also include widows who need financial and other assistance.
Education Loan.   Educationn loan at saving bank interest rates will be provided to children of Bombay Sappers for pursuing higher studies such as Engineering, Medicine, MBA & Hotel Management.
Assistance to Gurnam Academy.  Whenever possible, the BSA gives financial assistance to Gurnam Academy. This is being reviewed every year. The children in GBH will be provided with all facilities to prepare them for NDA, AIT, 10+2 scheme and so on.  
Assist in bringing up  Sappers Sarais at Pune and Chandigarh. During year 2008-09 Rs 1.00 Lacs were expended to improve existing Bombay Sappers Sarai, functioning at BEG & Centre. The facilities have been upgraded to a well furnished accommodation for 20 personnel. The BSA members will be charged at the subsidized rates.  Sapper Sarai at Chandigarh has been given grant of Rs 10.00 lacs during year 2008-09 to make it functional.
 Phase III
Field Area family Quarters. Funds permitting, construction of living quarters for personnel  posted in field area
House building loans. Due to shortage of funds at this stage & non availability of expertise for such a scheme, it has been deferred to a later date.