Bombay Sappers Association


Welfare Schemes : SOP





    A person will be in distress due any of the following reasons:-

  • When a calamity befalls on him/her due to natural or man-made cause.

  • When the bread winner dies.


2.     This SOP lays down guidelines to give succor to the affected persons due any of the above circumstances.

Assistance required when loss suffered due to natural/man-made calamity.

  • This grant will be given to those BSA members, retired or serving or their dependents, when they suffer extensive loss of property or loss of life of their near and dear ones in a natural or man made calamity of a severe nature. The calamity must be recognized/declared as such by the State/Centre. The Management Committee will be the final authority to decide whether the allotment is to be made or not.

  • A handwritten application on an ordinary paper giving full details of the incident with documentary proof will be accepted for consideration of Distress Grant. Documentary proof can be in the following forms: -

    • News Paper cutting including those of vernacular media.
    • Certificate from local civil authorities.
    • Recommendation from village sarpanch etc.
  • The application must be submitted within six months of occurrence of the incident. The application will be made to the Bombay Sappers Association, C/O HQ BEG & Centre Kirkee, Pune – 411 003.

Assistance required to NOK when a Bombay Sapper dies.

  • When a PBOR dies in service, his NOK gets all the benefits as per existing regulations on the subject, provided the documentation is done properly and speedily. The NOK gets considerable amount due to increase in various pension benefits. The details of the benefits are sent to all concerned vide our letter No 10002/Distress/102/BSA dt 08 May 2009. A large part of the benefits are generally paid within two months. However, in some cases the process of completing the documentation is delayed due to unavoidable reasons. Some examples are:-
    • The PBOR who die while serving on EREs such as Border Roads, NSG, Navy, Air Force or such like orgs where the documentations process takes considerable time to release any pension /death benefits.
    • Cases of PBOR declared missing while in service and where the documentation takes much time.
    • Cases of PBOR retired from service and thereafter gone missing. Their NOK/dependents find it difficult to get pension or other financial assistance due to delay in documentation such as FIR, Police investigation report, court order etc

    In such cases the NOKs, especially the widows, find it extremely difficult to run the household for this interim period when the PBOR’s pay is stopped (because of his death) till the pension benefits are made available.


    In a few cases, due to special circumstances, a widow may need financial assistance or assistance in other form.

7.      The type of assistance will depend on the circumstances of the widow. Some examples (the list is not exhaustive) are:-
  • Financial assistance as one time requirement.
  • Financial assistance over a period of time.
  • Assistance in getting her a job.
  • Assistance in getting children admitted in School.
  • Assistance in small scale entrepreneurship.
  • Assistance in getting medical treatment.
8. Procedure

    In all cases of assistance, applications will be forwarded to the BSA office giving details of the circumstance because of which the person affected requires help. A Board of Officers will examine the case and will recommend the type and quantum of assistance to be given. For the financial assistance, the total budget allocation for the year will be laid down in the beginning of every financial year.


Sanctioning Authority

    The final sanctioning authority for allotment of the Grant will be the Management Committee of the BSA. The Management Committee will take up this issue during its quarterly meeting or can call for an extra-ordinary meeting. The decision of the Management Committee will be final.

10. Maximum Amount

     The maximum amount that can be allotted to any officer or PBOR is Rs 6000/- as one time assistance.