Bombay Sappers Association






The  main objectives as outlined in the Memorandum of Association are:

To enable members, as old comrades, to keep in touch with each other and with the Bombay Sappers (and to publish  Newsletter) so as to promote and foster spirit of brotherhood and comradeship among its members. 

To promote esprit-de-corps and social interaction amongst its members and their families at time and place to be decided by the respective chapters.

To raise funds for achieving these objectives.

To engage in such other activities as may be incidental or  ancillary to the attainment of the above objectives and to do all such other as are conducive to the above objectives.

To assist in the rehabilitation of widows/widowers amongst retired including their family members.

To undertake all welfare activities.

All the incomes, earnings, movable, immovable properties of the Society shall be solely utilised and applied toward the promotion of its aim and objectives only as set forth in the Memorandum of Association and no profit thereon of shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or past members of the society or to any person claiming through anyone or more of the present or the past members.   No member of the society shall have any personal claim or any movable or immovable properties of the society or make any profits, whatsoever, by virtue of this membership.