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Sports scholarship was approved during the First AGM of the Association, which was held on Dec 2000. The scheme covers the children of serving and retired BSA members. The scheme provided for a scholarship of Rs. 5000/- to children who excel in sports. Over the years, it was found that this scholarship is not achieving its aim and there was a need to revise this scheme. During the MCM held on 19 Jun 2008 it was suggested that talented children who have the potential to become sports person at national level will only be selected and sponsored either in full or part for their sports trg/competitions. The revised Sports Scholarship Scheme is enumerated in the subsequent paras.


The dependents of BSA members between the ages of 12 and 18 years as on 01 Apr will be eligible for this scholarship. Only those children who have represented at a level from where they take part a State level championship will be considered for selection.


Aim of this standard operating procedure is to lay down procedure for selection, boarding, loading, schooling, training, kitting and weeding out of children of serving and retired BSA members, availing the scheme.

The Scholarship Scheme

The Scholarship Scheme

  • Training. The selected child would undergo sports related training along with the Bombay Sappers Group Sports teams/Boys Sports Coy. Army and civilian coaches available with Boys Sports Company and Group teams shall be coaching the children selected for sports scholarship. In addition, help can be taken from Army Sports college located at Pune. From these points of view, it should be possible to keep the child at Pune by either posting the father for a specified period in the Centre or keeping the child in the boys hostel (if the child is boy) so that the child can pursue studies as well train for the sports.

  • Selection Process. Guidelines for selecting the children of Bombay Sappers in given at Appendix A.

  • Education and Schooling. The selected child will undergo schooling at Army School, Kirkee. Sports scholarship is given for maximum of 04 years.

  • Boarding/Loading. The selected child will require to stay at the Gurnam Boys Hostel unless his father is posted at Pune.

  • Eligibility. Selected child should be a direct relation of a Bombay Sappers serving/Retired personnel.

  • No of Scholarship. Maximum of two scholarship may be awarded every year and a maximum of 8 children can be sponsored at any given time. The max duration of the scholarship will be 4 years.

  • Funds. The cost of training/equipping/competitions and boarding/lodging upto Rs 25000/- per year will be borne by the BSA. Any expenditure above this amount and the cost of edn will be borne by the parent. Hence, the total fund requirement from the BSA will be Rs 50000/- in the first year increasing to a max of four lacs per annum in four/ years will remain constant there-after

Submission of Application

Application on a plain paper giving details as pr Appendix B will be submitted to the office of BSA so as to reach latest by 15 Jan. Attested copies of certificate/documents supporting the standards achieved will be attached with the application. The application will be submitted through units in respect of serving members and directly be retired members in respect of their wards. The applications will be addressed to the Vice-Chairman, Bombay Sappers Association, C/o BEG & Centre, Kirkee, Pune- 411003.

6.  Details to be included in the application are given in Appendix 'B'.
Final Selection

A Board of Officers will be ordered by the BSA during the month of Jan every year for selection of candidates. The selection process will include physical and medical tests similar to those being conducted for children being selected for Boys Sports Coy.

Weeding Out

The scholarship will be given to a child for a max period of 4 years. In addition the scholarship can be terminated on discipline/performance grounds. The decision of the Vice-Chairman will be final and binding for termination of the scholarship.

8. The revised sports scholarship aims at producing national/international level sportsmen from the wards of Bombay Sappers. The scheme also aims at the overall development of the child.