Bombay Sappers Association




Membership State
The state of membership as on 20 Apr 2018 :-  
(a) Officers -  1656
(b) JCOs -  2499
(c) ORs -  43412
Total - 47567

As per resolution passed in Special Management Committee Meeting dated 26 Nov 2008, all Bombay Sappers (serving/ retired) are BSA members. All Bombay Sappers are requested to pay the subscription so that this ‘movement’ can be taken forward more vigorously.

  A membership form can be downloaded from the link given below. Completed forms along with bank drafts/cheques(including bank commission) payable to The Bombay Sappers Association may be forwarded to Bombay Sappers Association c/o BEG & Centre, Kirkee, Pune-411003. Revised rates of subscription are as under:-

  • Officers - Rs. 2000/-

  • JCOs     - Rs. 1500/-

  • OR        - Rs. 1000/-

Suggestions from Members  

Constructive suggestions from all members are most welcome. These suggestions may please be addressed to the Vice- Chairman, The Bombay Sappers Association, c/o BEG& Centre, Kirkee, Pune-41103. Suggestion can also be forwarded through email : 

To View and Download Membership form Click Here